Friday, October 29, 2010

Esprit de Corps

Today is travel day in our house. As opposed to doing something that Suzanne, Margaret and I all do with metronomic-like consistency, which is hop into our respective vehicles and go to work (albeit at varying times of the morning and to different destinations) the three of us are road-tripping south - together. For fun we are taking Joe along with us. The four of us are playing hooky today so that we can travel to Washington DC. Once there we shall be joined by our friends the Sisters Kizis - Lynne and Sue. Halloween weekend in Washington DC.

With apologies to John Stewart for not really giving a rat's ass about the masses he has promised to assemble on the Mall tomorrow (although as a runner I am really jazzed about the number of porta-potties he has apparently paid to rent. Race organizers everywhere take note.) we are descending upon the Nation's capital this weekend for two purposes. The first is to let Joe, Margaret and Suzanne all spend a couple of days prowling around a place that is simply fascinating. Too often it seems we morph a discussion of "history" into a diatribe on politics. I care not what your personal politics are. If you live in these United States you owe it to yourself and to anyone else in your family who has never been to make a trip to Washington DC. The life of a nation is a journey, not a destination. You cannot help but have a better and fuller understanding of how we have reached the point in our journey where we are presently than knowing the steps we walked to get here. I am looking forward to spending this evening, tomorrow and as much time as the traveling party wants to devote to it on Sunday late morning/early afternoon to prowling around DC and letting all of them soak in every moment of it that they can.

The second purpose of the trip (kind of, sort of lost in the excitement of going) is the Marine Corps 10K, which is part of the 35th Annual Marine Corps Marathon. Gidg and I are running in it. The race is Sunday morning starting at 8:00 a.m. I do not recall where it starts but I know that the finish line is at the Marine Corps Memorial. How much better does it get than that? I have a bit of trepidation in that I do not run 6.2 miles on a regular basis but that anxiety is secondary to the excitement I have knowing that we are going to be running in the presence of countless members of our armed forces. But for me ever having gotten my over sized a** off of the couch and off on the road as fast as my little legs could carry me, I would not have known such an event existed. I would never have known that its existence would permit me to bring a number of people I love to a place that I enjoy very much to enjoy with them the sights and sounds of American history.

I know not if there is any TV coverage of this event. If there is, feel free to not look for Gidg and me among the leaders at the finish line. Sunday is - to me - more of an event than a race. I look forward to enjoying every minute of it. As I look forward to enjoying every minute of this weekend. The last time I paid attention to this weekend's weather for DC the forecast seemed pretty damn autumnal - and wonderfully so.

And we are off......


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