Friday, October 8, 2010

The Economics of Youth

While it may come as a surprise, given the relatively small size of my heart (in fairness to it, it had to try and grow in the shadow cast by my enormous head), one of my favorite films is It's A Wonderful Life. I laugh when I think of the first time I can recall watching it - with Dad - and upon sitting down with him (it had already started) I asked him what it was about, to which my father replied, "It is about being careful what you wish for." Huge surprise that Dad's second career as a greeting card writer never took off the way in which he and Mom had hoped it would; eh?

There is a scene in the film where a neighbor wonders aloud whether youth is wasted on the wrong people after watching the not-quite-romantic stylings of young Mr. Bailey and young Ms. Hatch. And while sometimes it may seem as if it is, that is certainly not true all of the time. It is most certainly not true today.

October is - of course - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today is National Denim Day. I smiled upon learning yesterday that the girls soccer team at Wardlaw-Hartridge, which is my high school Alma mater, shall be. much as they did last year. The girls actually do something a step beyond donating a few dollars to wear denim. This afternoon they shall host their Second Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Game. They shall this afternoon - as they did on an October afternoon last year - all don special jerseys and play using a pink soccer ball.

This appears to be quite an exceptional group of young women. This afternoon, they are showing off their "beyond the date on their birth certificate" wisdom. But this afternoon is hardly the first time that they have revealed the depth and breadth of their group chops. It was after all less than two weeks ago that they participated as a team in the Tunnel To Towers Run, not merely running in the event but raising $1,000 that they donated to Steven Siller Foundation. This year's participation in the Run - much like this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Game - was not this group's first time giving back. Last year - when the weather was far nastier than it was this year - they suited up and ran......and donated $1,000 to the Foundation.

A remarkable group of young women to be sure. But before you develop the mistaken notion that they have done good off the field to make up for any shortcomings on the field, think again. They carry a mark of 8-1 into this afternoon's contest against Dunellen. They are apparently as lethal on the pitch as they are benevolent off of it.

It's A Wonderful Life is noteworthy for one than just one memorable line. It was left to George's guardian angel-in-training Clarance Oddbody AS2 to make his charge understand the importance that the life of one may have on the lives of others and the hole left when one is not there. Kudos to a group of young women who know that irrespective of age, you are never too young or too old to grab a shovel and start the process of filling in a hole.


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