Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Cookie for the Fat Lady

Kudos to the Yankees. For a day at least they averted disaster. Wow, talk about hyperbole. They averted the earlier-than-hoped for end of their 2010 season. A disappointment? Yes. A disaster? Not bloody likely. Apologies for confusing the two. It is only sports after all.

For an afternoon/early evening in the Bronx, the Yankees remembered that if you jam the fat lady's mouth full of food it is impossible for the old broad to sing. And the guys they pay to swing the bats pretended that every inning yesterday was Inning Eight of Game One, which until yesterday was the only inning of this American League Championship Series for which the Yankees had shown up offensively. For a day at least they managed to successfully tip-toe through the minefield.

Their reward was an all-expenses paid trip to Dallas, Texas, which under normal circumstances would not seem like too much of a reward (after all who the hell wants to go to Dallas any time for any reason) but for present purposes made the men in pinstripes quite happy. They shall play the Texas Rangers there on Friday night in Game Six of the ALCS with their backs pressed as firmly against the wall as they were yesterday afternoon. Lose and their season is over. The reward for a win? A date with the game's most dominant pitcher Cliff Lee in Game Seven. Lee is the Yankees' 800 pound gorilla. Presuming they make it to Game Seven, dealing with Lee will be no simple task.

They remain one win away from worrying about how to win a Game Seven. They shall attack their task the same way in which you and I attack our daily tasks: day-by-day. The result is far from certain but at least as of this morning the opportunity remains squarely in front of them. And at the end of the day one cannot ask for much more than that.


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