Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trial Runs

Put a very nice bow on the summer's running events yesterday. Gidg and I ran (for the 3rd time this summer and the 4th time since April) in Long Branch at Pier Village. Margaret did her thing as the Race Wife/Sister for us. While the day dawned a bit chilly by the time the starting gun sounded (I think it was a gun although I must confess I paid scant little attention) it had warmed up quite nicely. Nothing like a nice intimate gathering of close to 1000 runners to kick off summer's final day. Gidg ran well. I did also - about 50 seconds slower than I had run the day before but no complaints - especially given the fact that my left leg has been barking quite a bit lately (it hurts less to run than it does to walk) and I had run in a race a day earlier.

Post-race we were chatting about the summer that was (from a running perspective) and how it seemed as if it was only yesterday we were kicking off the Memorial Day weekend by running in Somerville on that Thursday night. In increments of 3.1 miles and further, we covered a lot of ground this summer. Maybe that is why it seems as if the season flew by so quickly. When your unit of measurement is typically something less than a day, time moves with greater rapidity.

Today is Day One of the resumption of activities in the Adult Swim portion of the pool. I will kick off my unofficial start to autumn by likely commencing trial on a case that - once started - will take close to three weeks to try to a verdict. Three weeks. We are gathered this morning on this matter because after coming close to resolving it in May no one wanted to "ruin summer" by trying it at any point during the past three months. Like summer, the respite did not last forever. Thus, this morning here we find ourselves again - at the point of intersection between the unstoppable force and the immovable object. Something's gotta give; right?


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