Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stepping Out

I am a self-confessed creature of habit. I get up at the same time every day. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day. I live on the same rather limited amount of sleep every night (I have come to the conclusion that for me to die in my sleep is going to require something quite serendipitous to occur). Someone, somewhere may be an agent for change. That dude looks nothing like the rapidly-aging one who stares back at me in the bathroom mirror every morning.

This week brought a disturbance in the force. I stepped out of my day-to-day for only a couple of day-to-days to deal with some unpleasant - but certainly not as bad as either anticipated or feared - stuff affecting a loved one. In the process of doing so, I unplugged from the world around me (I have not entered the patch and become part of the Blackberry revolution) - having opted to put work on the back burner to concentrate my rather limited mental acuity on someone substantially more important. There may be those who walk among us who are able to focus 100% on divergent things simultaneously. Again, none of those individuals looks anything at all like the man I see in the mirror every morning. As the great American philosopher and gunfighter Josey Wales observed, "A man's got to know his limitations." This man certainly knows his......and if you have ever had the (mis)fortune of making my acquaintance within about seven minutes of doing so you knew them as well.

Part of my habitual, repetitive behavior is that every morning - having nothing clever to say and caring not to share news of how well I brushed my teeth or the position in which I slept the night before - instead of posting anything onto Facebook, I simply post the link to whatever I have written here on that particular day. Without access to a computer the past couple of days, what was written here was accessible here but was not similarly accessible elsewhere. Consequently, upon my re-entry into my day-to-day life last evening I retrieved a message from a very good friend of mine who (proving the depths of his friendship) reads this silliness every day lamenting (I suspect that I am overstating his emotional reaction just a....well, just a lot) over the fact that he had not been able to read it - presumably because it was not where he is used to seeing it. I sent him a message letting him know that he could access it at the source if he so desired and thanked him for (a) reading it; and (b) lying about missing it when it was not there to read.

Nice to know that I am not the last remaining metronome. Nicer still to know that what caused the "interruption" in this creature's habit was absolutely worth it - as she always has been.....even if I as the consumate horse's ass lack the chops to always remember and recognize that.


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