Monday, September 13, 2010

On The Banks of the Old Rar-I-Tan

Made the short trip over to Rutgers University yesterday morning for if it is a Sunday then there must be a race someplace, somewhere going on where I can run. Yesterday was the High Speed Chase For the Cure, which is a 5K race put on to raise money for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. I tend to spend more time running down in Monmouth County and Ocean County than I do running close to home. It was a nice change of pace to run a time I was happy with (26:34 on the D-Tag) yet still spend more time running in the race than I spent driving in the car to and from the race.

I confess that it is often the little things in life that impress me. Yesterday morning one such thing was the presence of Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano at the pre-race festivities. Rutgers played in Florida on Saturday night against Florida International. I fell asleep watching the final few minutes of it. And when I called it a night it was in the neighborhood of 11:00 p.m., which means that Rutgers likely did not even get out of the stadium and onto its flight home until after midnight and likely did not touch down at Newark Airport until the wee small hours of the morning. Yet, at or about 9:00 o'clock yesterday morning there was Coach Schiano standing on the back of a truck outside of the RAC thanking all of us who were participating in the event for being there and wishing us well. A little thing? I suppose. But what is life but an amalgam of the little things?

Nice event yesterday morning although we were reminded of the not-too-subtle difference between summer weather and autumn weather here in the State of Concrete Gardens. The day dawned gray like hardened steel with a sky full of threatening clouds. We started under overcast skies but by the time I was about halfway through, the threat had in fact materialized. Once the rain started to fall, it came at us with a bad purpose. By the time I finished it was raining very hard. I do not moonlight as a weatherman so I know not whether the rain was falling hard enough to qualify as "pouring" but I was wet to the point of saturation.

This was apparently the 8th edition of this event and I enjoyed the course and its convenience and will - balky left leg willing - run in it again next year. I hope they enjoy some better weather next year. Apparently rain bit them in the rump last year as well and no well organized, well-intentioned event, which this one certainly is, deserves to have its parade rained upon three years running.

Then again, it is only rain after all. Juxtaposed against cancer it seems like nothing at all.


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