Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Main Event

Last night was bag-packing night at our house. No, Margaret did not come to her senses and leave me. At least not last night anyway. For all I know she was simply waiting for me to leave for the office this morning to skedaddle. Last night was the bag packing party for the Race for the Cure. Gidg, Suzanne and Margaret converted our kitchen table into Race Central. This year Sue's Crew has a larger, more diverse roster than we did last year - when we were big and well-represented by a great mixture of folks. We have expanded beyond family to form a team that features law school friends, softball friends, work friends (including alumni), neighbors and professional acquaintances. It is truly an extraordinary group. I am so looking forward to Sunday morning I almost cannot stand it.

This Sunday marks the second time that our Crew has assembled to participate in the Race for the Cure. We run in the edition of the Race sponsored by the Central and South Jersey Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization. There are Races at various times throughout the year but for various reasons - not the least of which is that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - our team takes part in this particular event. Margaret has been extremely dedicated to the cause of breast cancer awareness ever since her Mom (our namesake) first was diagnosed with the disease in early 2004. Getting a team assembled to run in the October edition of the Race simply makes the most sense for us.

Not every person is able to run 3.1 miles. Not every person is able to walk that distance either. Not every person is able, in these rather trying economic times, to donate financially to a cause regardless of how worthy it is. Those of us who are able to do what we can. We live in a society after all. What is the new age-sounding turn of phrase for it that makes it sound like something other than something that has existed since time immemorial? Pay it forward or some such nonsense. Congratulations. You have been a hipster forever without even realizing it. And you did not need to buy a single Yanni CD, wear a hemp hat or take a toke from a hookah pipe. Pretty nice; eh?

One thing that we can all do as we prepare to turn the page from September to October - and for my fellow males of the species out there I am directing this to you - is make sure that the women we love do all they can do to try to minimize their chances of getting breast cancer. Too many of our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins and friends are being attacked by this goddamn disease. It is relentless. If it arrives at the doorstep of a woman you love, then it is incumbent upon you to join the fight. Her battle is your battle.

Fight hard. She is absolutely worth it.


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