Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool Change

Regardless of what your calendar might indicate, at the corner of Decatur and Delaware here 'NTSG, summer officially exited the stage yesterday. The Missus and I spend a lot of time during the summer months enjoying our back yard. When we have a party - such as way back when in May for Suzanne's graduation - we usually have it in the back yard. We tend to grill a lot and as you might have guessed the grill is located in the back yard. Several years ago, to assuage my wife's need to have water nearby in between trips to the Shore, we put a pool out there. Suffice it to say that irrespective of its location on the property - it is kind of towards the back of the premises - in the summer it moves front and center.

Yesterday Margaret and I did what we do at or about this time every year. We closed the back yard for the year. Furniture was put away, the hammock was broken down and stored and her oasis - the pool - was treated and covered for its long winter's nap. A part of our home, a piece of our family that is such a vital and important part of our day-to-day during the summer now looks bare. It still is awash in colorful flowers. Yet subtly it has shifted from the set for summer action to a still-life.

It is not yet barren for there are still flowers everywhere one looks. Soon enough they will be gone again. I know not whether they know what has transpired around them. Whether they sense a change in the neighborhood. Whether they know that yet another summer has come and gone.

Whether they do I know not. But I know it. And that is indeed all that matters. Regardless of the date on the calendar.


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