Monday, August 9, 2010

To Glory & Survival

Margaret and I had a good chuckle for ourselves yesterday morning. Before heading out on the day's errands and such, my wife asked me to help her organize her calendar for the fall by putting on our calendar in the kitchen all of the races that I have signed up to run. When I finished doing as she had asked several minutes later and I showed it to her, she just laughed. Truth be told - so did I.

I tend to sign up for races that interest me without paying a great deal of attention to other races that I have signed up for (other than making sure that I do not commit to being two places at the same time) and perhaps not surprisingly I have really, really made a commitment to active race participation over the course of the three months.

Halloween morning will be spent in Arlington Virginia participating in the Marine Corps 10K. This year Halloween falls on a Sunday. Between this day and October's final Sunday, I shall spend at least one day of each weekend running someplace. Most of the time my running partner Gidg shall be more than a mere spectator to this insanity as she too has what can fairly be considered to be a pretty full dance card.

If aptitude matched attitude then I would be a significantly better runner than I am. Mediocrity defines most of my results but the release received from running cannot be measured by finishing time alone. This autumn not only shall I have the chance to run in an event, the finish line of which is at the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington Virginia, but also in the Tunnel to Towers Run in New York as well as several other events throughout New Jersey that have been established to honor the memory of extraordinary men and women.

I get quite a bit out of running but sitting in my kitchen yesterday morning, looking over the calendar, I realized that I get much more out of it than I had ever really contemplated. It came me while flipping through the pages of this running man's Bible.


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