Monday, August 2, 2010

A Sunday By The Sea

The nice spring weather from which we benefited on Saturday morning when we ran in Long Branch was nowhere to be found yesterday morning. August gave us a dog day morning in Sea Girt on its first day. While the temperature could not have been any higher than somewhere in the low 80's, the humidity level was higher than the mercury. The air was not only thick but it was stagnant in Sea Girt yesterday morning. It was eerily still.

While it was not an ideal morning on which to run, Gidg and I finished the back-half of our weekend daily double in the Sea Girt 5K. Sea Girt is a town where I think - other than going to dinner there one evening a few winters ago - I have never done anything other than drive through on my way to somewhere else. What a terrifically nice little town. This 5K is apparently an event that has been put on annually for close to two decades. In addition to the more than 1700 runners who took part, there were too many volunteers for a man with my limited math skills to count. We ran up and down Sea Girt's beautiful tree-lined streets past lots of folks sitting on front porches and standing on their front walks shouting encouragement and spraying us with cool water as we passed by.

It was simply a fantastic morning irrespective of the humidity. As we have spent the past year (slightly less than but close enough for purposes of illustration) running in events of varying length Gidg and I have been keeping a list of those races in which we have participated this year that we intend to participating in again next year. The Sea Girt 5k is definitely on that list.


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