Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day at the Beach

While it was not as nice a morning to run yesterday at Lake Como as it was last Saturday in Asbury Park, it was nevertheless a terrific morning. Gidg and I participated for the first time yesterday in the George McCormack 5K. The race is a great little event. It is put on annually in memory of George McCormack, who was a Lake Como Police Captain who died in 2004. The proceeds from the event benefit a Scholarship Fund established in his honor.

As someone who is new to the whole running game I know not why this is an event that appears to be underattended. According to the article I read before this year's race, the 2009 edition attracted 82 runners. This year, there was an uptick of approximately 25% with somewhere in the neighborhood of 112 participants. A neighborhood of 112 is a pretty damn small neighborhood to be sure. Having taken part in it for the first time this year and having enjoyed the experience quite a lot I hope that the neighborhood continues to grow so that next year and in the years to come the people who work hard to put this event on are still able to do so.

The humidity notwithstanding, yesterday was a terrific day at the Shore. Gidg ran a hell of a race, I shaved six seconds off of what had been the personal best I set for myself last week in Asbury Park and Margaret, Gidg and I spent quite a nice morning after the race at Bar A. I ran into a friend of mine who I had not seen to talk to in too many years to count before the race started. After finishing his run several minutes earlier than either Gidg or I did, he hung out with the three of us post-race for a while. It turned into quite a nice morning - a most unexpected delight of a day.



Anonymous said...

You should really write a book so that I can be your agent.

Adam Kenny said...

How would you live on 10% of $0?