Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Loss to Summer's Wind

The summer wind has indeed been a fickle friend to Margaret and to her family these past few years. In August of Aught-Eight, one week apart, Nan (her grandmother) and her Great Aunt Meni (Nan's younger sister) died. Last summer, the bad news on the homefront came early. Margaret's mom - Suzy B. - went into the hospital for what turned out to be the final time on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. She died on the 2nd of June.

This year, we almost made it all the way to Labor Day. Almost. Sadly we did not. Yesterday afternoon, far too soon after being diagnosed with several different types of cancer Margaret's uncle, Junior, died. My wife and I have been together for two decades. During the entirety of that period of time, I think I heard anyone refer to Junior by his given name - Angelo - less than a small handful of times. He was - and always shall be - Junior.

Yesterday afternoon, in the company of his wife, their son, daughter and daughter-in-law, Junior died. While we accept as a given that death comes for all of us - it is but a part of life after all - it is far too difficult to accept it when it comes for one we love. When it comes for one who seemed to deserve better. When it comes for someone such as Junior.

Joe said it best yesterday when he described Junior and Ann as, "two peas in the same pod." From the first time I met them - approximately twenty years ago - they struck me as being Margaret's family's version of Uncle Jim and Aunt Dot, Mom's brother and sister-in-law who were married for more than a half-century and who were in love with one another their entire lives. Junior and Ann were not a couple. Rather they were a sentence. I rarely ever heard Margaret or Suzy B. or Joe say one's name without saying the other's. Each has spent their life completing the life of the other.

And tomorrow morning for the first time in a lifetime, Ann shall wake up without him. It would have to be a much better situation than it is for her presently just to be awful. Hopefully, sooner rather than later it will improve at least that much. Until it does those of us who know and love her as we knew and loved Junior will do all we can for her to try and help fill the void. To fill up the space between.

We have lost too much already to the summer wind.


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