Friday, July 9, 2010

Was This Not Supposed To Be The Summer Of George

Wednesday afternoon while driving home from the office I heard Mike Francesca on WFAN (the sports radio station in New York City) discussing the mystery that then surrounded where LeBron James will play professional basketball next season. Francesca informed his radio audience that while he had no definitive information one way or the other he knew of people who hoped like hell that The King decided to make Madison Square Garden his court because these folks - certain that James would follow in the path of greats such as Antonio McDyess and Frederic Weis - had purchased Knicks season tickets for 2010-11 in anticipation of being able to turn around and sell them for a substantial profit. I recall as a small boy being told of a story by my grandma about chickens, eggs and the importance of not counting one or both too soon. I am admittedly fuzzy on the details of grandma's tale (for it was too many years and far too many beers ago) but I think it fits here.

At about 9:30 Eastern Time on Thursday night the Knicks and their fans came face-to-face with the realization that their stated philosophy of (at least) the past two seasons of being abysmally bad while having a roster of not-quite-ready-for prime time players while they created as much "cap space" as possible for the 2010 crop of free agents was an unadulterated failure. The notion of "If you clear it they will come" did not quite go according to Hoyle for the Knickerbockers; eh?

Professional basketball has been largely irrelevant in New York City for the past decade or so. Maybe the best thing about LeBron James choosing Miami as his new NBA home so that he can play with his buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh is that now Knicks fans will have something to get excited about: hating the Miami Heat. Once upon a time, it was a rivalry that actually gave Knicks fans to be excited about.

'Tis summer in the City. Time for Knicks fans to taste the fruits and let the juices drip down their chin. Sour grapes all around.


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