Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time To Kill

At one point yesterday afternoon I swore - looking out my office window - that I saw two geese playing rock/paper/scissors for the final spot on Noah's Summer Cruise. Considering how difficult it is for a goose to form its wing into the shape of a rock....or paper....or scissors for that matter, you have an immediate appreciation of the height of the stakes for which they were playing. We have had a fairly mercilessly hot and humid summer here in Levelland thus far. For the past twenty-four to thirty-six hours rain hurtled down upon us like so much celestial sweat that it appeared as if it was not going to stop.

While I shall not awaken in Utopia this morning, if the weather dudes and dudettes are to be believed and if today is indeed yesterday's tommorow, then it appears as if a certain little red-headed siren was right after all.

Last night Suzanne, the Missus and I spent a bit of quality time in one of our local municipal courts. For the uninitiated, municipal courts are what we call in New Jersey our "courts of limited jurisdiction". Traffic violations are disposed of there as are non-criminal offenses (a/k/a petty disorderly persons and disorderly persons matters). In New Jersey we grade crimes by degree (first, second and third). Criminal charges are not adjudicated there.

We were there last evening because at some point last fall, while Suzanne was using the facilities of the gym she belongs to, the miscreant who was parked next to her in the parking lot paid little heed to that law of physics about two objects not being able to occupy the same space simultaneously. His truck struck Suz's car and left in its wake a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage. He then did what a real stand-up American boy does far too often these days: he ran away.

It took some handy work by the Green Brook police to find the young fella in question and to examine his vehicle in order to confirm that the evidence of damage inflicted on his truck matched up perfectly to the evidence of damage inflicted upon Suz's car. The police officer in question did what local cops sometimes do with the best intentions - he wrote the offender enough tickets to last him a lifetime.

All of this took place in the fall. I am notoriously poor with time but my best recollection of events is that all of the above unfolded in either October or November. Which of course brings us to last evening. We made our second appearance in connection with the matter of State v. Greco, an event in which Suz has two intertwined roles: witness and victim. And once again last night we got all dressed up and had no place to go. The defendant did not appear. Rather his lawyer did in order to offer an utterly unbelievable excuse as to why his client was not present. Fortunately for the defendant, when we arrived at the court last night we learned that the State was not ready to proceed. Thus, the judge had no choice but to adjourn the matter yet again.

Green Brook is not a big town. Thus its court does not meet every night or even every week. There is an excellent chance that by the time this little loser either forces the State to try him or enters a plea to some combination platter of reduced charges that we will be or about the first anniversary of the accident that started it all.

I hate to say it - being what it is I do for a living - but maybe, just maybe, Willie the Shakes had a point.


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