Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Mice & Men

There are a number of words that describe me I suppose but one of them that does not is "spontaneous". I tend to plan things - sometimes twice just to be safe - prior to doing them. I know now what will be written on my little urn of ashes when I die but it is safe to assume it shall not be, "he leapt without looking."

Yesterday morning I actually did something that was at least kind of, sort of spontaneous. I participated in a 5K race in Roosevelt Park in Edison. I actually made my decision to participate on Saturday after reading about the event on-line. Sunday morning I did something that I had never done before, which was drive to an event with cash in hand to pay the registration fee, get my assigned bib (and a race t-shirt) and do a bit of running. Again, while it is not the way I usually operate, yesterday at least it proved to be a pretty cool way to operate.

The event was sponsored by JFK Medical Center in Edison. Apparently this was the second year that they have put on the race, which purpose is to raise funds for the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey. The event is called "Miles for Minds". I was intrigued to find out when getting there yesterday morning that the event's starting line and finish line were each located directly outside of what I presumed to be the front door of the Lakeview School.

The Lakeview School is a facility whose students are young people of varying ages who are disabled. When Suz was an undergrad at Seton Hall she spent (I think) a semester there as an unpaid intern as a teacher's aide/student teacher. Then for several months post-graduation from college she returned there in a paying gig doing (I think) the same type of work. I know that she used to come home from there every day raving about how it was she had spent it. I had never seen the place until yesterday. Given how important a role it played in her life, it was nice to see it firsthand.

Yesterday morning was a lot of fun. For me - a runner whose very essence defines the term "mediocrity" I found the course challenging. It contained more than a couple of substantial inclines, which made things interesting but thankfully - on a 90 degree July morning - it also featured a tremendous amount of shade. We spent more time running in shade than in sunshine, the benefit of which cannot be overstated on a summer day in Jersey.

There is something to be said for this spontaneity stuff - at least occasionally. I plan to make some time in my schedule to be spontaneous again. Sometimes soon perhaps.


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