Saturday, July 31, 2010

Odds & Sods & Ends

We have reached the end of the seventh month of the year already. By this time next month school kids all across the land will have already matriculated back to class with overstuffed packs on their backs and snarls on their faces. Buck up little ones. Some day the 'school' part of your life will be will your annual three month summer vacation.

This being the final day of July means that is the birthday of my pal Gracie. Had Mom and Dad been crazy enough to have a child for every deadly sin, she would be the little sister that I (the tail gunner) never had. I know not what the weather shall be in her part of the world this weekend but I hope it is nice so that she, Joe, Morgan and the rest of the gang can get some quality boat time. Gracie is a good soul. The least whoever it is asserts control over all of these things can do is give her weather by which to enjoy her birthday.

It seems as if the past few weeks at work I have done a lot of running around - seeming to be out of the office at one appearance or another more than I have been in. Conservatively speaking I think I have driven on average 500+ miles a week for the past three weeks at least. When you spend a lot of time in the car, you see any number of interesting things. Some amusing. Some not so much.

An example of the former? The drive home on Thursday night south on 287 included lots of company - as it often does. Among them was an old, somewhat weathered-looking Ford pickup truck with Michigan plates. In the bed of the pickup was what looked like a shack one would see on a frozen lake during ice fishing season. Sticking out of its wall was an air conditioner. An air conditioner. I have seen a lot of things in my life driving all over my home state's highways and byways, including countless air-conditioned vehicles. This was however the first one I had ever seen any other than a central-air system.

Odd? Sure. Something that communicated a sense of foreboding? Not at all. Wednesday morning I had to go to court in Middlesex County. As I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic I noticed that the rather intense-looking fellow in the Lexus sedan next to me had a bumper sticker affixed to the trunk of his car that read, "ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR GOD?" Admittedly, I am not what would fairly be described as a religious man so it is possible suppose that his query was more innocuous than it appeared to be in all caps and bold type. Then again, I doubt it.

Nice to know that among those of us who are be-bopping our way through the daily bump and grind is at least one of us who seems not to mind scaring the shit out of the rest of us. OK, at least one of the rest of us although I cannot believe that I am the only one who was around this dude in traffic who found his mobile invitation for divine intervention to be slightly unsettling.

Hell of a way to put a bow on another month.


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