Monday, July 5, 2010

Go Fourth

Yesterday was a wonderfully satisfying day - albeit one in which I really did not do a whole lot of anything. First thing in the morning, the Missus accompanied me to Cranford where I took part for the first time in an event known as the "Firecracker 4 Mile". We caught a bit of a break with the weather for while it was certainly hot (in the mid to upper 80's when the gun went off at or about 9:30) and sunny it was not stiflingly humid. It is Jersey in July. We take whatever small victories we can get vis-a-vis the weather. Yesterday morning's certainly qualified.

I have very much enjoyed getting into the whole running thing. For me, every one of these events that I have participated in during the past year - other than The Big Chill at Rutgers - is a maiden voyage for me. While there are some that I will likely not take part in again, most of them have been terrific and are certainly races I intend to participate in next year. Yesterday's race is certainly among the latter. A very fun and satisfying way to start a holiday.

From that point forward yesterday - the tone having been set - the day continued on an upward arc although I really did nothing but take it easy. Joe and Margaret's Uncle Mike meandered over yesterday afternoon for a little Independence Day swim and BBQ. I watched the Yankees' afternoon clinic on how to get thrown out at home plate (including on consecutive plays) interfere with them beating the Blue Jays until the 11th inning to make Boss George's 80th Birthday an enjoyable one. And I finished "Game Change".

Regardless of your politics, your party affiliation or who you voted for in the 2008 Presidential Election (presuming you voted at all), I heartily recommend that you read it as well. The two gentlemen who wrote it apparently conducted hundreds and hundreds of interviews with people who had insider knowledge of seemingly all of the candidates' campaign operations. It really is a remarkable read. The '08 election was one of historical significance. To be able to read about the events that led up to President Obama's Election Day rout of Senator McCain in such depth and so soon after it all occurred struck me as fascinating. The back story on the McCain campaign's decision to put Sarah Palin on the ticket as McCain's #2 is almost in and of itself worth the cover price.

If today is for you a continuation of your holiday, then enjoy it immensely. For me, while the office is closed work beckons for at least part of the day. It could be worse. My daughter - a newly minted speech language pathologist at Kessler - has to work today. No long weekend for her. Welcome to the working week indeed Suz......

....the rest of us will catch up with you tomorrow.

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