Monday, July 19, 2010

Birds Of A Feather In The Wild And Reckless Breeze

Yesterday evening I hopped onto my computer to see whether any progress had been made in the effort to find a young man who tragically is presumed to have drowned in the water off of Point Pleasant Beach on Saturday night while he was apparently rescuing two members of his family who were struggling themselves. If there is any solace, any comfort at all for his family then hopefully it is found in the fact that his heroism, which cost him his life, saved their lives. Sadly, as of 8:00 p.m. last night - when I made my on-line search - he had not been seen and his body had not been recovered. A horrible end to what likely had been a wonderful day at the Shore for his family. And one that shall now be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

In search of better news I popped onto Facebook and immediately found some. Yesterday was the 18th wedding anniversary of Dave and Christine Joy. It was 18 years ago yesterday that I stood up for Dave as his Best Man when he and Christine exchanged vows in a little church in Vermont. I remember the weekend as if it was yesterday. Margaret and I drove up from New Jersey to be part of a ceremony in which a Jersey boy married a Long Island girl. Two kids who met while in college together at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. And we gathered in Vermont for their wedding. Stu made the trip North as well. As did Mark.

As I recall it was a historically hot weekend in Vermont, the weekend in July 1992 that Dave and Christine married. A fact that became important to all concerned when the happy couple, the wedding party, the minister and all of their invited guests were assembled in the centuries-old (a/k/a "without air conditioning") church in which they wed. Holy smokes was it hot.

As I recall it was a beautiful ceremony in spite of the heat. The reception that followed was terrific as well. Eighteen years later the Joys are raising a beautiful family. And continuing to take the journey that they started together eighteen years ago yesterday. They are now - as they were then - two of my favorite people (an honor that I am sure they would rather not have shouted from the rooftops). Margaret and I do not see them very often these days. Dave and I have known each other since we were little (well since we were kids anyway. He has been upwards of 6'5" or so since the first day I met him roughly 30 years ago) so absence of face-time does nothing to lessen the bond. Perhaps he and Christine will make the trip in October for our 25th reunion.

And in the wild desert sun,
we drove straight on through the night.
We rode a fever out of Boston. Dreamed of California nights.
Come July, we'll ride the Ferris Wheel.
Go round and round and round.
And If you never let me go, well I will never let you down.

A formula that has worked with tremendous success for Dave and Christine. And not a bad formula to copy.


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