Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 800 Club

Welcome to the second half of the first year of the second decade of the 21st century. How is the ride treating you so far? I find it amazing to think that the first half of 2010 has already zipped past. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass. July 1st already. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was strapping on my super stylish CU reversible wool cap and my super toasty gloves and running in the Resolution Run in Hillsborough Township as part of my welcome to 2010. Now, I am half a revolution removed from Resolution. Maybe that is for the best since I rarely make them and I never keep them.

I noticed as I sat down to access my little home out here in the ether that today marks the 800th time I have put virtual pen to virtual paper, jotted down my idle thoughts or reasonable facsimiles thereof and put them out there for all of the world to see. In the interests of full disclosure, "all of the world" generally consists of my brother Bill, my sisters Evan and Kara, my old college pal Loku, Rob and someone who checks in regularly from Mountain View, California. I only know a small (bigger than a baby's but smaller than a midget's) handful of people who live in California and my Golden State geography is about as good as the Governator's Spanish accent. I have no idea if any of them (or all of them for that matter) live in or near Mountain View. I presume that it is one of them who pops by from time to time to read what has been written on a particular day. Perhaps one day I will find out. Perhaps one day Bill will get his long-hoped for birthday pony ride. You can get action on both at a reasonable rate. I know a guy. I can hook you up.

Human behavior fascinates me. It is the study of human behavior that for me far and away represents the most interesting aspect of how I earn my living. Do not misunderstand me. I am not - as a general rule - an enormous fan of humans. We are after all apparently programmed in a way that is contrary to our brethren in the animal kingdom. We have no crisis of conscience at all about killing one another. Too often we address the needs of "The One" at the expense of the many. And we do so in a manner that is far too often utterly guileless. Humans are interesting as hell. We just are not always my favorite species in the animal kingdom.

I went to law school to escape hard math so I know not how the solution to the equation of 800 days = "X" years and months. Story of my mathematics career in microcosm - the inability to solve for "X". I do know though that I fell into the routine of doing this daily slightly more than two years ago. The impetus for it - although he never pushed me towards it or even suggested it to me aloud - was my brother Bill. He possesses an extraordinary gift for language and an intellectual curiosity that I envy. Perhaps if I was not "sibling five times removed" from him more of it would have run down the bark of the family tree to the brother occupying the lowest branch. I know not. I know that when I literally stumbled across his daily expression it struck me as not only fascinating to read but something worthwhile to undertake on my own.

And so I did. Writing is for me an act that is as liberating and as calming as running is. I am not particularly adept in either discipline but I derive both enjoyment and value from each activity, which means that I shall keep on keeping on in both pursuits for the foreseeable future. I have no expectation that the quality of the "product" each pursuit produces will improve (not being a believer in the 'practice makes perfect' mantra myself). While that may depress, frustrate or anger you if this is a space you happen by from time to time, I must confess that it does none of the above to me. That is not entirely true. I wish I showed steadier and greater improvement in my "per mile" time from race to race.

All kidding (or half-hearted attempts bearing a reasonable likeness to same) aside, the purpose of this particular exercise for me is -much like pretty much everything I do (talk about an indictment of one's self; eh?) - purely selfish. Having found an escape hatch for the voice formerly trapped inside of my head has brought me much needed peace of mind. It can be a hard thing to acquire. And once you do, you work damned hard to hold tight to it.

See you tomorrow? I shall be here......unless I can find a direct flight to Mountain View, California.


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