Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wings on the Bus Go Round & Round As Well

I love dealing with people who are risk-averse. Take for instance the spineless bunch of miscreants from Continental Airlines who Margaret and I have been dealing with since Tuesday night (a/k/a the night that Continental Airlines vaporized my baggage). At Newark Airport last Tuesday evening, the woman I spoke to at the Baggage Service Center made a point of asking me for my cell phone number even though Continental already has my phone number (lucky me - I am a OnePass member!) so that as soon as information was obtained as to the whereabouts of my "delayed" baggage, someone from Continental could notify me at once.

To the surprise of no one, Continental has not been able to locate my bag. Actually, after my chat with Roz on Wednesday afternoon, I suspect that they called off the search completely. Yet imagine my surprise when I came home from the office on Friday night and had a voice mail message from Continental's home office in Houston. The woman who left the message - at 11:00 a.m. (better known as the middle of the work day) - said in her message that while Continental has not yet given up the search, I should break down and start filling out the Company's Damaged and Lost Baggage Claim Form. Why would someone from Contintental - having been given access to my cell phone number - telephone my home number in the middle of the day to communicate that information as opposed to calling me directly? If you do not know the answer to that question, then you fail to comprehend that Continental's corporate intestinal fortitude is the "Ying" to the "Yang" that is its corporate vocational aptitude.

Just for shits and giggles, Margaret and I called Continental again last evening to ask for an update on the search. We were stunned - not at all - to find out that they still have no idea where my bag is. The woman who my wife spoke to clued Margaret in as to the next phase of the Continental Intellectual Circle Jerk, which is what happens upon submission of the aforementioned Claim Form. As infuriating as these imbeciles have been to deal with thus far, it appears as if entire new levels of inanity are about to be scaled.


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