Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Code Name: Scott

Yesterday morning Rob and I stood amongst our comrades in Wave GD waiting for our turn to start our 6.2 mile run in the Bolder Boulder. The Bolder Boulder's finish line is Folsom Field. I said to Rob that a lifetime ago - in October 1986 - had been the happiest I had ever been to be in Folsom Field. For on that particular late October afternoon my beloved Buffs did something they had not done at home since Eisenhower was President: defeat Nebraska. I wondered aloud yesterday morning whether my reaction upon reaching Folsom Field at the end of our race would compare to that long-ago college football Saturday.

No comparison at all. Yesterday was incredible. Rob and I reached Folsom Field the same way we had run the first 6 miles: together. Truth be told he carried the old man a bit at the 5.5 mile mark - as we stood staring up Folsom Street at the race's final significant hill. Hell, truth be told he likely carried me far longer than that. All the way west from New Jersey for something that I otherwise never would have done.

We started yesterday running south on 30th Street. At or about the first mile, we turned west (onto I think Pearl Street) and there it was right in front of us: the Flatirons. The City of Boulder is a picture postcard everywhere you turn. And when you turn westward anywhere in town the view is simply spectacular. Proof of its beauty is that you can appreciate it even while chugging uphill on a 10K run. And to have had the chance yesterday to take it all in while running with Rob was incredible.

We started at 7:48:40 yesterday morning and when we crossed the finish line in Folsom Field the stadium clock showed 8:59. Rob and I had completed our journey in seventy minutes. While countless of our other running compatriots did their thing in less time than we did - and most certainly a good number of them completed their runs in more time than it took us - we had a great time every step of the way. We ran the entire race together and then spent several hours on campus afterwards simply taking in all of the race-related festivities, which included a Memorial Day observance. A truly tremendous day. And as someone who knows a thing or two about less than tremendous thirty-first days of May, I enjoyed it very much.

I know not whether I shall ever participate in the Bolder Boulder again. Whether I do or not is irrelevant. Yesterday was a stand-alone, incredible day. Even if I ever take part in the race again, that fact will not change.

Simply incredible. A most appropriate cap to an unforgettable weekend.


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