Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And In This Corner Ernie Souchak.....

I think it finally occurred to me how much the mouth-breeding miscreants who operate Continental Airlines have pissed me off when I got a little electronic note from my sister Evan the other night. Evan has enjoyed a long, successful career with the United States Postal Service (although par for the course with anyone who does not look exactly like the fellow whose reflection I see in the bathroom mirror every morning I know not exactly what it is she does). She has also enjoyed a lifelong love affair with horses. Thus, in both her vocation and her avocation she knows a thing or two about dealing with beings who have the reputation for having anger management issues. So when she shot me a little electronic message expressing some level of concern about my anger level vis-a-vis the jagoffs who managed to screw the pooch in terms of moving an inanimate object from Point A to Point B, I took it to heart. I chuckled when I read it and thanked her for sending it.

Today my completed Property Damage Claim Form shall reach the home office of Continental Airlines in Houston, Texas. Accompanying it is a rather scathing letter I wrote sharing with my newest, bestest friends at the airline whose slogan is - get this - "Work Hard, Fly Right" (thus underscoring the breadth of the gully that separates motto from mantra. A Continental Divide if you will. Unless one presumes that fly "right" refers to the direction their planes fly when they travel west to east as opposed to a code of conduct) my feelings about their p*ss poor customer service and general ineptitude. I sent it to them via Fed Ex (sorry Ev!) because I figured that Fed Ex has its own fleet of planes, and unlike Continental Airlines, a demonstrated ability to move packages from point of origin to point of terminus. Hell, in Cast Away Tom Hanks' Fed Ex plane got blown into little pieces when it crashed and the packages still made it to their destinations. Well, all except Wilson of course.

All in all, venting at the idiots from Continental Airlines will ultimately do nothing for me. Even if they do eventually reimburse Margaret and me at least in part for all of our stuff that they flushed due to their incompetence, we will never get back what we have lost. And we will never be made whole. I know it could have been significantly worse and that in the larger scheme of things, lost stuff is simply that - lost stuff.

Then again I am Irish. I enjoy getting the old blood boiling now and again. That fits perfectly here. My blood has been boiling all week courtesy of the morons at Continental Airlines. And I am certain that it shall boil again later when we begin the Texas Two-Step dancing around one another over what is owed and what shall ultimately be paid.

Serenity now. Serenity now.


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