Monday, May 24, 2010

Tooth and Nail

On this very day one year ago, a very important thing - if not everything - changed for Margaret and for the entire family. It was on this date last year - which was a Sunday - that Suzy B. went into Somerset Medical Center in an effort to remedy an ever more intense, ever more virulent series of infections. She never came home.

The remarkably tragic juxtaposition between what happened in our little corner of the world in the span of forty-eight short hours at or about this time last year was not lost on me when it happened. And it remains fixed firmly in the forefront of my mind. Last year Memorial Day came early (May 25th) and the weekend that was Memorial Day weekend started off in a wholly celebratory fashion for me. That Friday - May 22 - I enjoyed my final day of an admittedly abbreviated course of employment at my own personal mistake by the Lake (OK it is actually a reservoir but you get the point) in anticipation of return the very next week to the Firm. Margaret and I spent all day Saturday at the Meadowlands Arena with the Sisters Kizis, et al. taking in what was for the two of us our first show of Springsteen's Working On A Dream tour, which show featured one of the NextGen Kizis gals, Laura's daughter Olivia, singing with Bruce on "Waiting on a Sunny Day". A long holiday weekend off to a blazing hot start.....

And then everything changed. Less than twenty-four hours later we commenced our journey through the looking glass. Three hundred and sixty-five days further on up the road where we all are is anyone's guess. We are most certainly still standing. A bit beat up but unbowed. A bit better attuned to the importance of valuing one's time and the manner in which it is spent. For even here - across the river on the Jersey side - time moves pretty fast. Especially when the unit of measurement is a New York minute.


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