Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slowly I Turn

Do you ever have a day that makes you tired just because? Just because of all that you have to do or - worse yet - all that you may have to do but due to circumstances beyond your limited capacity to control you simply do not yet know for certain? Today is just such a day for me. And given that as recently as 24 hours ago I had no inkling of that with which it is fraught, while my feet have only been on the floor for about two hours as I write this, I am already exhausted.....mentally at least. I await the arrival of physical exhaustion sometime in the early afternoon hours.

I drove out to Warren County yesterday to have a pre-trial conference on a case that I fully expected to start trying at 9:00 a.m. today. However when my adversary and I arrived at the courthouse yesterday the Judge before whom we are going to try the case told us that we are not her #1 trial this week (a fact that either I failed to appreciate or the court failed to communicate at any time prior to yesterday morning). The consequence of being #2 on the Hit Parade? Much time spent in limbo. And time spent in limbo is time spent struggling to maximize one's time. Why? For me at least it is because the simultaneous pull in 1 million different directions is a guarantee only of the fact that while I feel as if I have covered much ground, I have not in fact left the parking lot.

Perhaps at some time today I will be summoned to Warren County to start trial. Perhaps at some time today Her Honor shall inform my adversary and me that her #1 case is being tried and that we shall have to come back at a later, as yet to be determined date. As of this moment, I know not. On any other day of the week this type of intrusion into my world's order would be not only unwelcome - but unexpected. Today? Today is "The Day After Monday", which is of course the week's worst day. Nothing is unexpected.

Would you agree Mr. Papelbon?


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