Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Suit of Clothes and a Pretty Red Rose

And it's over before you know it. It all goes by so fast. The bad nights take forever and the good nights never seem to last. Applying Professor Petty's interpretation of Einstein's theory of relativity to Suz's graduation party weekend - and the eastern trek of Rob's that it inspired - the past couple of days have zipped past in an eye blink.

With an assist from Mother Nature - whose precipitatory forces stayed away from 'NTSG until late in the evening and who did not thrust upon us a 'surface of the Sun' temperature setting as she had the last time we had one of these gatherings - yesterday's graduation party for Suz was simply terrific. The Missus and me will have to spend a bit of time today putting the back yard back together - crawling from the wreckage as it were - as we have had to do after each and every one of these but it is a labor of love. As we meander about the joint putting things in their appointed place we invariably talk about the party and since we tend to spend more time apart than together at these things, inevitably we share with one another a story or ten that one knew but of which the other was unaware.

By day's end today, Rob will be back in the Mountain Time Zone, all of the tables and chairs we rented will be neatly stacked, the multitude of recyclables will be in their designated containers as will the garbage and the yard will be restored to its typical, pristine condition. But yesterday, in spite of having ceded its starring role on the calendar, will remain firmly engrained in a good place in my memory - and more importantly to me - in the collective memory of those I love the most dearly - for a long time to come. Perhaps even a lifetime.

These are indeed better days.


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