Monday, May 31, 2010

Minutes to Memories

At some point today - while hopefully enjoying terrific weather and the company of at least some of those you love (geography may keep all of yours from being in one place as it is doing with all of mine) try and remember to take a moment or two and remember what today is. And why it exists on the calendar. It is easy to forget - no doubt - since unlike Christmas Memorial Day has no permanent date assigned to it. Rather it has a location: final Monday in May. A location that permits it to serve any number of purposes, including the one that has undoubtedly become its most popular: Unofficial Kick-Off of Summer.

Nothing is wrong at all about assigning multiple tasks to this remarkable day for it has broad shoulders and a sturdy base. It can handle the assignment with aplomb. Today it serves as the day that Rob and I shall join 53,000 or so other folks in running in the Bolder Boulder 10K race. Our wave of runners starts our journey at 7:48:40 this morning, which means that I hope to be reporting to Margaret by not later than 9:00 a.m. Boulder time that the two of us have reached our destination safe and sound. 7:48:40 as the start time for us in this race? A good thing perhaps. If it was later in the morning I might have been able to come up with a reason not to run: cramp, solar flares or the effect of gamma rays on man in the moon marigolds all jump to the forefront of my mind (albeit at different points on the sliding scale of plausibility). By making me run this early in the morning, the race organizers have ensured that it will be over for me before I know what hit me.

Post-race this morning the good folks who put on this race annually host what the Daily Camera describes as this state's largest Memorial Day observance and one of the largest nationwide. The tribute takes place in Folsom Stadium, which is where my Alma mater plays its home football games and where Rob and I intend to wrap up our Bolder Boulder experience. I am looking forward to it a great deal and not only because to see it means that I have made it to the finish line. Life is lived forward. The pace and the rate vary from person to person but the direction is the same for all of us. Yet, living forward should not mean that we lose sight of where we have come from and all that has been done that has permitted us to reach "now". For without "then", there would be no "now".

Let none of us - including Yours truly - ever forget what Memorial Day really is. And let none of us ever forget the sacrifices of all of those for whom life swept away the dreams they had planned.


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