Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day Well Spent

Spent quite a pleasant afternoon yesterday (July masquerading for May notwithstanding) at Frank and C's taking part in the dual purpose celebration they threw in honor of a Confirmation (Sarah) and a Communion (Mackenzie). These two youngsters represent the final third of Frank and C's sextet of kids. And perhaps you believe me biased - for they are after all family - but as I have watched all of them grow - and in the case of their oldest daughter Megan get married - I have remained impressed by how well put-together each of them is.

And every time I am at Frank and C's for a gathering such as yesterday's I am reminded again of the factual basis for that old adage about apples and trees. Not only is it true that from small things may big things one day come, but also that from good things may great things one day come. And they may even come in a set of six.

It was nice to see my brother-in-law relaxing a little bit yesterday. In my day-to-day I encounter few folks whose own work pace is such is that I feel like a slacker in comparison. Frank is one of those folks. Even when he is taking it easy, he is not totally doing so. He owns his own small restaurant/take-out joint where he makes some of the best-tasting food you shall ever eat. So for events like yesterday his caterer bears a stark resemblance to the face he sees in the mirror when he shaves in the morning. If you live in or near us here 'NTSG, you should do yourself the favor of clicking here and seeing for yourself (and if you want to hear the gorgeous voice who sang for Margaret and me at our wedding and has sung in various venues throughout the years click on Frank's smiling self while you are doing your perusing. He cooks great. He sings even better).

None of us takes as much time as we should to just sit back and take in that which we have and those with whom we share it. We would if we could but given the utter and complete absence of money trees in all of the yards I have ever been in during my forty-three years as a breathing time machine, we are required to spend a certain amount of time engaged in doing. Even when what it is we wish we were doing is nothing at all.

Those are the times we shall remember best of all.


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