Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tonight - less than twenty-four hours before heading west to spend the weekend with Rob in Colorado, a mini-vacation that shall include Rob and I running together in the Bolder Boulder 10K (along with about 53,000 other folks) on Monday morning - Suzanne and I shall spend about a half hour's worth of quality father-daughter time together.

The two of us are participating in a 5K race in Somerville on terrain that is significantly less hilly than that which I shall encounter on Monday morning in Colorado. Not to mention that Suz and I shall run tonight at about 6,000 feet closer to sea level than Rob and I shall on Monday morning. The trade off for us this evening? Here 'NTSG it is going to be upwards of 80 degrees with about 1000% humidity at race time tonight. Welcome to summer - Jersey style.

While for me and my limited skills running 3.1 miles in the suffocating "humdidities" (an homage to the original Squarehead John Hilbert) tonight and running 6.2 miles in the "hey where did all the oxygen go?" altitude of Boulder on Monday shall present two very specific and trying challenges, I am really, really looking forward to both of them. For had I not decided to start running I never would have had the opportunity to spend a portion of their long holiday weekend doing just that with Suz in this time zone and Rob in one two time zones away.

My 'kids' are not kids any more. They have not been so for quite some time. Given their place in the world as upwardly mobile young adults, I am happy that they are willing to make a bit of time and space for this old man to pop my over-sized head into every now and again. For me, it makes the time memorable....

Irrespective of the date on the calendar.


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