Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ballad of Mister Mulligan

One year ago today I returned to the Firm from my winter's hiatus at the Reservoir. While this morning I am in the office with no appearances on my calendar, at this time last year my first piece of business on my first official day back in the fold was to appear in the Appellate Division in Trenton in support of an appeal I had filed prior to commencing my semester at sea (or at least across Route 46 from the Reservoir).

Given that it was an appeal of the only truly unfavorable verdict I have ever taken in a jury trial, it was quite nice indeed to have the chance to unring that bell. And to have it be the first order of business on Day One of Term Two made it even nicer still.

Two months after my Tuesday morning in Trenton the Appellate Division handed up its opinion in the matter I argued on the very first day of my return. Agreeing with me that errors made by the trial judge warranted setting aside the jury's verdict, our intermediate appellate court wiped the verdict off of the books and ordered a new trial. Ultimately the case settled without being retried in a manner that made my client and me much happier than we had been at the trial's conclusion.

Professionally speaking, it has been a very good year. I am a much happier little dude now than I was either when I migrated north a year ago January or during the relatively brief time (although it felt much longer while I was living through it) I spent away. So today I very happily - and quietly - will celebrate the commencement of Year Two - The Sequel.

A comeback......Kind of, sort of.

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