Friday, April 30, 2010

The Little Things

A much wiser, much wealthier and (likely completing the trifecta) much healthier fellow Garden Stater than me once observed that it is indeed the little things that count. Not that anyone asked me (as if that would ever stop me) but I tend to concur with that analysis. Life consists not so much of announced in advance "Big Things" but rather an amalgam of "little" ones, woven together to form the tapestry that serves as the narrative of the journey each of us takes upon the big blue marble.

My aversion to the spectacular might be either self-serving or self-fulfilling. I know not which. I know that while I am good at what I do to earn my living I am no one's All-American. I do what I do extremely well. Over the years I have developed a reputation with those I represent as someone who is thorough, well-prepared and eminently capable of delivering the hoped-for result, which I have done far more often than not. That being said I do most of what I do with nary more than an eyebrow ever poking up above the tree line. And I strive to do what I do consistently - content to stay firmly planted on a nice level as opposed to striving for dizzying heights one day and plunging to unfathomable depths the next. Rightly or wrongly it seems to me that there are worse things to be called than "steady" or "reliable". In the entirety of my life, I have never been anyone's #1 choice for anything. Hell, the Missus went around the Maypole one time before she settled on me. Almost two decades up the road together that decision has worked out just fine for me. I hope she feels the same. Besides, never in my life have I concerned myself with being "the first option". Being the final option is far more important.

Thus it was with more salt than the FDA recommends any six people ingest on a daily basis that I viewed an e-mail waiting for me in my in-box yesterday morning. While I suppose I should have been impressed that a major tycoon type of fella based in Hong Kong had sought me out for my legal acumen, I found the declaration that, "We have reviewed extensively the qualifications of attorneys and law firms around the United States and determined that you are the attorney best qualified to serve our needs" to be piling it on just a touch or two too thick. Look, I enjoy the fine art of seduction just as much as the next guy but for some reason I could not shake the sneaky suspicion that my Far Eastern suitor says that to all the boys. Not only was I not his one and only, I do not believe I was even one or the other. Rather than trying to swing for the fences and make my name in the heady world of international corporate litigation, I shortened up my swing and hit the "DELETE" key.

Now don't try for a home run, baby If you can get the job done with a hit. Hits lead to runs. Runs lead to wins. Wins lead to championships.

It is the little things that count. And it is worth bearing in mind as we travel along life's highway that those things that remain visible in our rear-view mirror, marking our path for us as we continue onward, which have heretofore been identified as 'little' were maybe not so little after all.


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