Sunday, April 25, 2010

For A Day Immemorial

Very cool parcel arrived in the mail yesterday. My stuff for the Bolder Boulder 10K made its journey east.....just about one month before it - and me - shall make our journey west to spend Memorial Day weekend chilling out with Rob in the Rocky Mountains.

I spent four fun-filled years in Boulder Colorado. Twenty-one years after graduation, Boulder remains among my favorite places. Yet if not for Rob's current place of employ placing him within about 90 minutes' drive of Boulder I would not be doing something this year that I have never done in the quarter-century since I first felt the warmth of Boulder's sunshine on my face. My time annually in Boulder ended in mid-May. Every year from '85 through '89, by Memorial Day I was back in New Jersey and (if memory serves Truth be told it is a combination of things that is taking me to Boulder for Memorial Day for if Rob was not amenable to having his space invaded by the old man for a long holiday weekend - not to mention having to run with me for an hour (give or take) - I would not be kicking off the summer of '10 in Boulder.

For a few minutes yesterday I was like a kid. I tore open my big package of stuff from the race. Being a full-scale idiot and presuming that the '10 edition will likely be the only one in which I participate, I went all in when I registered for it. Thus my package o' stuff included several shirts and a pair of Crocs for Margaret. The cost is irrelevant. I would call it a bargain at any price.

The finish of the Bolder Boulder will afford me the chance to emulate Ralphie by running onto the field at Folsom Stadium. If memory serves, the last time (and only other time) that I was on the field at Folsom was October 25, 1986. How can I recall the specific date almost a quarter-century later? Because when a date represents something significant, it is impossible not to remember.

Any bets as to how long I shall remember May 31, 2010? The question is rhetorical but if to yourself you said "Forever" you would be one hellaciously fine wagerer. Well done.


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