Friday, April 23, 2010

Eyewitnesses to the Trainwreck of Ridiculousness

One might be hard-pressed to find an issue that has become as hyper-politicized here in the State of Concrete Gardens as education has been. Tuesday was Election Day for Boards of Education and their proposed budgets all across the State, including 'NTSG. In a positive development, voter turnout on this Election Day was significantly higher than it typically is for Board of Education elections.

In a not-quite-so-positive development, the positions espoused by the warring (I meant to write "opposing" but that suggests folks who have not revealed a deep-set, almost pathological hatred for one another - more akin to adversaries than to enemies) factions have done what positions based wholly on ideology tend to do: scorched the earth all around them as far as the eye can see. Someone in this brouhaha is most assuredly the Devil; right? If one believes the hype from both camps, then the only question is who. And that, of course, depends entirely on who you ask.

It would be a refreshing change of pace if on occasion - particularly with an issue that has ramifications both short- and long-term - people with differing opinions were short on diatribe and long on dialogue. I suppose that I will get my wish fulfilled on that score at or about the time that Bill receives his long-awaited birthday pony. Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on in this imbroglio, if you do not recognize just how far we have come from teaching our children well - and the direction we have traveled to get from there to here then -respectfully - you need to pay better attention.

And we all need to pay better attention to the power of speech. After all, sticks and stones break only bones.


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