Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day to Live A Little

This morning - approximately two months prior to the Missus and me celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary - I am doing something that I know runs the risk of really pissing Margaret off - although she knows as well as I do that is not why I am doing what I am doing.

Two weeks ago - after dealing with the pain in my right leg for about two months - I broke down (well, that is a bit melodramatic - I woke up on Easter Sunday not able to put weight on my right leg) and made a trip to the Emergency Department at Somerset Medical Center. In the immediate aftermath of that excellent adventure, I wrestled with the fact that I would not be able to participate in the 1/2 Marathon that I had signed up for way back when in December. The 1/2 Marathon, which is being held on the campus of Rutgers University, starts this morning at 8:30.

Life is both a journey (and not a destination) and an uncertain ride. And I am hardheaded, which is a euphemism for "stupid" in this context. All three of those factors have combined to create a result that Margaret most likely realized in her heart of hearts was inevitable. This morning - having kinda, sorta paid attention to the orders I received from the ER staff two Sundays ago - I am running as I had planned to when I signed up for this adventure four months ago.

I am an old dog. And I performed my last new trick too long ago to remember when I did it....or what it was. I am nothing if not predictable; right? Fret not. Contrary to what you might suspect, I am not a complete idiot either. If my knee did not feel well enough to run, I most likely would be sitting this one out. That is indeed my story and sticking to it; you may be assured I am.

It is supposed to be a beautiful morning here in the State of Concrete Gardens. Hell of a nice day for a run. Bust out Bet like you’re leaving Life ain’t about Just breaking even.

Every now and again you have to just get out.


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