Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Waterworld Without Walls

My most favorite thing about life is that you never know when and where something is going to occur that just makes you stop and smile. Listen, I am Irish. I can appreciate doom and gloom at a hat's drop. Nevertheless, every now and again even us Gaels need to admit that good things are possible.

Yesterday I was chatting with my pal Gracie who is preparing to celebrate her first season as a boat owner. At some point this winter she purchased herself a boat. While I know nothing about boats, she seems pretty damn excited about it. And as Gracie is among my favorite folks - sort of like the little sister/seventh child that my parents never got silly or drunk enough to bring into this world - having seen nothing other than a photograph of it, I am happy that she is excited.

She told me a story about her new boat and the fun stuff that apparently goes along with boat ownership - such as figuring out where to park the darn thing. In nautical parlance the technical term of "parking place for my boat" is a slip. Recently she has purchased a parking place. Given her newness to the world of boat ownership and her relative inexperience as a captain, she opted to spend a premium amount of money to purchase a slip that is located at the end of its row, which means that on one side it opens onto the water at large. The rationale for the purchase is that it is a less restrictive space than the spaces closer to the shore.

More space equals less likelihood of banging the boat into things, which is apparently something that Gracie would like to not do in her new pride and joy. Boat owners only seek to christen their boat once. Who knew?

In explaining her decision to pick a space out in the great wide open in which to park ("dock") she uttered something that is destined for fame on bumper stickers and t-shirts everywhere (OK, everywhere people enjoy boating, which I suppose removes Kansas and both of the Dakotas from our market), "There should be no walls in boating."

One day perhaps we will live in a world without walls, aquatic and otherwise. Somewhere, someplace Ronald Reagan is smiling. And while we work our way towards Utopia for Bonzo, we can work our way towards dry land as well.

A trip worth taking. Each one of us upon our pony on our boat.


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