Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten - A First

Yesterday was simply gorgeous. While I wish we had not been required to endure all of the lousy weather to which we were subjected in February, even the cynic in me has been unable to find anything to complain about with the weather that heralded March's arrival. We put the bow on March's first full week yesterday with the second of back-to-back 55+ degree days. Snowmageddon Parts I and II seem to have taken place not weeks ago - but a lifetime ago.

Two weeks from yesterday is a 10-mile race in Freehold that Gidg and I are running in together. The hope is that running 10 miles in the company of others shall prepare us for the half-marathon we are running in together on April 18. Whether that hope is well-founded or delusional I know not. I suppose that I will find out soon enough. In another month and a half or so to be specific.

In an effort to be as prepared as possible for this somewhat idiotic undertaking I have been following a training schedule. Yesterday the schedule called for me to run ten miles. In the first forty-three years of my life - up until yesterday - the longest distance I had ever run at one time was eight miles. And proving the shallow nature of my well of experience; I only did that last Sunday. Not exactly a lot to fall back on; eh?

Against my better judgment but resigned to my fate, I kept to my training schedule. I ran the required distance and got through it in a time that was - to me - a pleasant surprise: 94 minutes. My hoped-for goal in the half-marathon is to run the distance in 2 hours and 10 minutes, which works out to a ten minute per mile pace. Yesterday, I covered ten miles in a better than ten minute per mile pace. That is a good thing. The fact that I could not have run an additional three miles (bridging the gap between the distance I covered and the half-marathon distance) yesterday even if my life had been threatened at gun point is much less so.

How great is the distance between ten miles and thirteen miles? I hope that it is less than it seems to me this morning. Once upon a time - or actually not very long ago at all - ten miles seemed insurmountable. Now not so much. It certainly was not a walk in the park. But it is no longer mission impossible. Just a step in the process.

Well, it is a lot of steps actually but I think you get the point.


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