Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Man on the Moon

Another year of running the March Madness Pool. Another year of reaffirming the faith of those who participate that I do not rig the outcome to ensure that I win. How did I do it this year? Four words: "Ohio State - National Champions". Now that I have been freed from that damned annoying obligation of trying to decide how best to spend $820 - made off a $20 investment ("Bernie Madoff, Kiss my Irish Ass!") I can devote my time and attention to more important pursuits.....such as deciding whether I am going "sledge" or "ball peen" when I commence beating my own brains in.

On a not totally unrelated subject, this morning we are migrating South to the 'Squan to take part in the annual Fool's Run. Unlike last Sunday's exercise in self-immolation this race is a 5K, a distance at which I am less likely to get passed by 76 y/o men with braces on both knees and one at which I am less likely to experience searing pain in my own right leg. Proving that Mother Nature has a sense of humor, had today's event been run mid-week at its 11:00 a.m. starting time we would have taken off in 60 degree conditions, which would have made running my suit a bit tricky I suppose. No such difficulty today. The Weather Channel forecast for Manasquan this morning at 11:00 a.m. calls for sunny skies and 37 degrees. The most excellent part of the forecast is that thanks to the 11 mile per hour howling out of the NE the temperature will feel like a balmy 29 degrees. This time last month, when Gidg and I ran in the Mid-Winter Beach Run in Manasquan it was about 50 degrees. What a difference 30 days makes; eh?

Today will be great though if for no other reason than Rob is running with us. While it was not a happy occasion that brought him home unexpectedly for a weekend's visit, home he is (until tomorrow anyway) and it is always great to see him. I am heading out to Colorado on Memorial Day weekend so he and I can run in the Bolder Boulder 10K together (and also get Fat Tire at "bought at the brewery prices") and when I told him about this morning's jaunt, he signed up. He, Gidg and I will be representing 'NTSG this morning. Actually on his registration form, which I completed for him on Thursday, I put down his Colorado address. I thought perhaps they give some nice free stuff to the person who comes the longest distance to compete in the race. Two time zones and 1800 miles should put him, if not in first position, at least on the medal stand.

And whether they give him an award for the distance he has covered simply to be in a position to cover their plotted-out course of 3.1 miles this morning matters not. What matters is that in a world where my son spends significantly more time "there" than he does "here", today he and I will occupy the same space. And even though it is just for a little while, it is a beautiful thing indeed.


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