Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Day Worth Seizing

Fare thee well Old Man Winter! We shall miss you! As my old college roommate Schneeds (known to his family and his students as Dr. Alexander M. Schreiber) used to growl, "Not bloody likely!" In fact, here 'NTSG we shall miss this old bag of snow and slush not at all.

I think we cheat now with the springing forward of the clocks. While it may be age, substances better left unconsumed when young or a combination platter of the two it seems to me that once upon a Springtime the whole "springing forward" thing happened after Spring had in fact been sprung upon us - and not as part of Winter's final weekend. I could be wrong. It is early yet but I am confident that I have been wrong at least one time already today.....with more errors to follow (so stay tuned!).

Regardless of whether I am wrong or right today officially marks the end of this year's edition of Winter. Here 'NTSG we are kicking winter to the curb Jersey style - punching it hard in the face with 75 degree, sun-soaked day. Sure we are gloating a bit - maybe talking a bit too loud - but permit us the indulgence. This year we have earned it. February was so cold, so stormy and so goddamn lousy that this year it seemed to be 128 days long. Three weeks ago at this time we were digging out from underneath a second snowfall of historical proportions to which we were subjected during Groundhog Month. And February's shenanigans spilled over into March. Last week ago at this time we were on the receiving end of a Nor'easter. Hell, I saw enough precipitation this winter - frozen, liquid and otherwise - to apply for a Erie County N.Y. County I.D. Card.

Here's to hoping that one and all enjoy Spring's first day. And here's to hoping that today is not simply a single-day phenomenon. Spring has sprung. And we have been sprung as well. From our cages on Highway 9.......

......regardless of where we live.


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