Monday, February 1, 2010

How Much for a Walk in the Sun?

Show of hands - who else other than yours truly feels as if you blinked and suddenly the first month of the new decade was in the history books already? At one time - probably when I was struggling with trying to understand a single thing Gladys Katrausky was attempting to teach us in math class - it seemed to me as if time passed in a painfully slow fashion. The older I get, the faster it goes. Either that or the older I get, the slower I go, which makes time seem to pass more quickly. Whatever the case may be, today is February 1 and it seems to me as if January 1 was but a day or two ago.

Here 'NTSG we have been in the deep freeze for the past several days. In the heat of the day it has been in the high teens or low twenties and considering that I do my running in what is most certainly not the heat of the day it has been too cold for me to run. While I am confident that my still somewhat creaky left leg has appreciated the R n' R the fact remains that I need it and its right-leaning twin to carry me 13.1 miles on April 18. You are thinking what I was when I first signed up to run this race - April 18 is a long way off. Sure it is......and it will be here with rapidity equal to that with which January 1 disappeared into the ether.

Since the weather has not been conducive to running outside, last night I did what I have only done on a couple of other occasions - I used Suzanne's treadmill. Although I was accompanied musically by a CD of simply wonderful live music I found the experience less than satisfactory. There is something about running outside - even with really, really cold wind blowing in your face - that simply cannot be replicated on a treadmill. I kept my eyes fixed ahead of me listening to Springsteen and his bandmates while searching for that ever elusive piece of Gouda. I never was able to locate it but I felt better about my efforts when I saw that our 17 y/o cat Milo seemed unable to do so too. I did have a tactical advantage of course. Milo is stone deaf. Neither the noise of the treadmill nor the music from the stereo disturbed the nap he was enjoying when I started to run and which he was still in the throes of when I finished.

Good news is around the bend - if the weatherman is to be believed. The daytime temperatures this week are projected to be in the upper 30s and low 40s, which is about twenty degrees higher than they were last week. I look forward to getting off of the treadmill and back out onto the road. While I am sure that the raccoons and rabbits who watch me run past them in the darkness as I make my way through the neighborhood laugh as loud as Rosalita and the cats do when I run on the treadmill, outdoors the laughter is harder to hear.

Man I cannot wait until it warms up a bit. At 3:00 a.m. - maybe the highway is jammed with broken heroes - but the streets of my neighborhood are not. It will be nice to get back out there on them and run someplace - even if no gouda awaits me.


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