Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting Down The Days Til The Springtime Of My Life

Clearly I missed the memo. I went to bed one night in January comfortably living within the geographical boundaries of the State of Concrete Gardens and I woke up on a February morning trapped in the hinterlands of Buffalo. Every time I think of that smug little groundhog in Pennsylvania strolling out of his hole earlier this month and predicting six more weeks of winter, I want to hop in Skate, drive to Pennsylvania and take a shovel to his varmint melon. We have had so much cruddy weather this month that February seems to have lasted far longer than 26 days (I am a pie-eyed optimist so I am giving us credit for completing today unscathed).

The weather has wreaked havoc on everyone's schedules, including of course those of us who call the farm at 629 Parsippany Road home. Two weeks ago - the first time this month that Snowmageddon came calling - I had come home prepared the night before and simply worked from home and rode out the storm. Yesterday morning when I woke up here 'NTSG we were receiving nothing but rain so I hoofed it into the office and was enjoying my first cup of coffee by 4:45 or so. Less than an hour later, looking at the window and seeing snow hurtling down out of the still-dark sky into our parking lot I thought I had made a grave tactical error. Thankfully although a lot of snow fell in Parsippany yesterday it did little to disrupt my day. And it did even less to disrupt my drive home. Yea for me!

Yesterday had a bit of a Saturday vibe around the office. A lot of folks opted out of coming in out of concern - understandable from my perspective - of facing a potentially treacherous commute. I do not know what you do at your job but while what we do at the Firm is work that is important to us and is important to our clients we are not curing cancer or teaching magpies had to speak Greek or something of a similar vein that requires one to risk life and limb to make it to the office. Besides, the neat thing about being a lawyer is you can work anywhere. Presently it is too early to tell if today Snowmageddon's other shoe shall indeed drop upon us. Just in case, I brought work home with me so that even if I cannot get to the office I can still work. Man it is easy to be brave knowing that T never reads this thing.

I will be happy to see March pop its head above the tree line come Monday. For the shortest month on the calendar, February has been a hell of a lot of work. As an Aquarian I am protective of my birth month's reputation and stature but even I have to admit that this year the good stuff that February provided to us all: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, President's Day and Brooklyn Decker have been muted by the wholly obnoxious amount of snow that has fallen.

Here in the midst of winter's hazy shade, the leaves may indeed be brown. One day soon I hope enough snow will melt that I can see for myself.


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