Monday, January 18, 2010

Ryan's Hope

Whether his charge to the denizens of San Diego comes true or not, courtesy of the sterling efforts of King Rex and his green and white-clad troops, one thing that Ron Burgundy and his Chargers will be doing next weekend is staying home. I have never been to San Diego. I understand however that it is a gorgeous town. Undoubtedly the Chargers would prefer to be spending their Sunday afternoon in Valerie Bertinelli's television hometown. They shall not be and it shall be left to the J-E-T-S to try and prevent Peyton Manning from making a second trip to the Super Bowl. Jets vs. Colts for the right to play in the Super Bowl, which is in Miami. It is not 1969 redux but it is close enough to make Joe Namath excited and Bubba Smith pissed off all over again.

I have siblings and partners alike who are fans of the New York football Jets. I myself am a Giants fan. And while I do not intend to do further harm to my left leg by trying to jump onto a moving bandwagon (although courtesy of Matt Speidel's recommended elixir I am significantly better off now than I was this time last week) I am happy for all of those I know who have spent a lifetime rooting for Gang Green. Historically, success has not been an easy to maintain state of mind for the boys from Hess Tech. I know from watching those who root hard for them that they watch their team play with one eye on the action and the other scanning the air above the field, searching for the inevitable landing spot for the other shoe.

Thus far this January, following the lead of a coach either ballsy enough, bright enough or both to hand out a playoff itinerary before their first game that included the date for their Super Bowl Champions ticker tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes, the Jets have gone on the road in successive weeks and picked off first the champions of the North and, yesterday, the champions of the West. Their kid quarterback has played like anything but and their all-world defensive back has been as good as advertised. And suddenly the only two teams left in the AFC are the Jets and the team that first allowed them to get their foot in the door a few weeks ago by sitting its starting quarterback and most of its first teamers in the second half of a game the Jets had to win simply to have a chance to make the playoffs.

A week from now we shall see if the Colts regret their decision. It is well-settled that one should always be careful what one wishes for. That other shoe is still airborne and looking for a place to land.


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