Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Last Stand

This morning Margaret shall return home on the "red eye" (a name that I must confess I have never understood although I have always taken on faith that it refers not to the condition of the pilot's eyes due to either liquor or fatigue). She has been out in the Mountain Time Zone with Rob for the past week. My son - resolute enough to not only be making his way in the world quite a long way from home but also to know when where he is may not be the place he wants to be - has moved. Work remains in Wyoming but home is now a bit closer to the part of Colorado's Front Range I used to roam a lifetime ago.

He officially became a resident of the Centennial State yesterday. And while he did not migrate as far south as Boulder, he is now a member of the Fort Collins community. I suppose as long as he does not come home wearing any CSU swag or try to flip some my direction as a birthday present or Father's Day gift, I shall have no objection to offer to it.

Even if he was to breach CU alumni protocol (let's say for example with a long-sleeve t-shirt, a golf shirt (Size Large in either case) or a baseball cap) I would certainly be happy to honor the breach for I am - yet again - impressed by his decision-making and his wherewithal. Rob is quite far from home. And where he works presently he shall have to work until at least July 2011. The work he loves but where he had been living he had considerably less warm and fuzzy feelings about. Confronted with a problem, he charged himself with the responsibility of formulating a solution.

And it appears he has done so. Sure he has traded in the convenience of a commute not longer than one song on the radio for one that is upwards of 3/4 of an hour. But he has done so because he came to the realization that if one derives little pleasure from one's home then there is little to be gained from getting to it as quickly as one can. While commuting is not everyone's cup of tea, I have spent most of my professional life living at least 30 minutes from where I work and other than a creaky lower back and a ceaseless series of vehicles on which the odometer readings move upward with the alacrity approaching the fantastic I am none the worse for wear for the experience. I have a feeling that Rob will take to it with equal ease. And he may come to find what I have come to find over the years, which is that the ride home from work at day's end often lasts just long enough to shake off all of the day's stresses.

I hope that the change of address provides him the peace of mind he seeks - which is nothing more or less than that which all of us seek. And to the extent that it had eluded him 'neath the lights of Cheyenne, here is to hoping that he finds the lights of Fort Collins to be a bit more to his liking. Nothing wrong with a latitude adjustment - nothing at all.


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