Sunday, December 27, 2009

Walking Along The Ocean's Edge

A long December and there's reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last. There is quite a bit of activity afoot 'NTSG these past few days. The celebration of Christmas has ebbed just a touch and ceded a bit of the spotlight to the travel preparations of all but yours truly. In what amounts to a bit of a trick of the mind, I shall try to delude myself into thinking that Rob is really not disappearing back into the Great Wide Open for an indeterminate amount of time but rather that he is going away with Margaret for a while.

Even with a below-capacity sized mind such as mine it is an impossible trick to pull off. For I know that while tomorrow afternoon Margaret will be seated beside him on the plane that flies west out of Newark (sorry, "Newark Liberty" because it sounded so much more upbeat than "Newark Another G*ddamn Murder") Airport on its journey to Denver, on the red-eye Friday night my bride shall be flying solo. I am thankful however that as he relocates the home portion of his home/work duality from the town where he works to new digs across the border in Colorado that he is excited about the move. He loves what he does to earn his living but does not have the same level of unbridled enthusiasm for living where he works. While it is easy for one someplace other than there to say, "It's probably only for another 18 months", it is easier to comment from afar how easy it is to make that time than it is to be the one living through the "making" process. He reasonably anticipates that the change of scenery will do his mind and his spirit both immeasurable good. I need to know nothing else in order to support the decision (although knowing now that the drive from DIA to his home shall now be cut in half might in fact have just a bit to do with my level of enthusiasm).

Rob is going, Margaret is going with him and Suz is going west as well for a few days. She is traveling with a group of ten or twelve friends to Las Vegas to celebrate New Year's Eve. I reminded her after she booked the trip and I shall again at some point prior to her departure on Tuesday that I am not admitted to the Bar of the State of Nevada so that in the event that local law enforcement out there does not share the City Tourism Board's enthusiasm and its live and let live attitude, her band of merry-makers all are able to make their eastbound flights in early '10. Actually it is not my daughter about whom I am concerned, it is one or two of her somewhat insane (in the nicest, most benevolent way imaginable) friends whose likelihood of making an uncredited guest appearance on COPS or CSI gives me cause to pause.

Given that all who reside here with me shall be someplace else when the decade of the Aughts gasps its last breath Thursday night, I think I shall watch it recede into the annals of history rather quietly. From where I sit, the decade that began with Y2K on the lips and minds of just about everyone shall go gentle into that good night. As shall I - doing so in all likelihood hours before either the Times Square Ball or Dick Clark's latest face lift drop.

And it shall then begin again and anew - in 2010 with a hope for considerably less angst and bullshit to wade through than we had to in Aught-Nine. Let someone else play the part of the sacrificial lamb. 'Round here we have paid our dues.


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