Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Requiem For A Champion

On an earlier occasion in this space I wrote about a quite extraordinary young man named Adam Frey. A young man whose acquaintance I never made yet about whom I have learned much and from whom I have learned much simply by reading. I read much that he had written about himself and much that others have written about him. I have come away from all of it with one inescapable conclusion: Adam Frey was one hell of a human being.

In a world where justice and reality had more than a casual, on-again/off-again relationship, death would not come for our young. The insidious bastard that is cancer would not take the life of a 22 year-old man. Sadly, we reside in a flesh and bones universe, not one in which happy endings can be contrived courtesy of the good folks at CGI. Thus, bad things happen to good people on a far-too-frequent basis.

On the afternoon of December 26, 2009 Adam Frey died. A young man who inspired all who knew him (and those of us who never met him) with his refusal to quit against the longest of odds and with his refusal to take a dim view of the hand he had been dealt or to dwell on the inherent injustice of it all finally lost the battle he had been knowingly waging since March 2008. Yet cancer did not defeat him. He simply ran out of time in which to fight against it.

2009 is about to disappear into history's scrap heap forever. As we move forward into 2010, perhaps we can all keep a little piece of Adam Frey in our hearts for a while.


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