Friday, November 13, 2009

The Writings on the Wall

When the alarm clock clanged in my ear this morning - as it does every day - and the searing pain in my left knee proved to me that what I had hoped was the sound of small arms fire when I started to get out of bed was sadly the sound of one knee joint cracking, which put the kibosh on my planned run, I realized, "but of course this day is off to an ominous start. It's Friday the 13th."

While double-gripping the steering wheel on my beloved Skate this morning on the great migration north on Route 287 - with the wind blowing across the highway to the extent that I feared one or more tractor-trailer driver was going to end up with the very rear of his rig in the lane adjacent to its front, it hit me that not only is today Friday the 13th but it is the THIRD one of these things that we have had this year.

Perhaps that explains a lot regarding some of the trials and tribulations that many who I love dearly have been forced to confront and to endure this year. Does any year have a chance when 25% of its months include among their number this most dreaded of days? It has appeared with a frequency this year that would make he who stalks Camp Crystal Lake proud. Is it irony or coincidence that the first decade of the 21st Century, which has featured war, economic collapses world-wide and the most brutal acts of terrorism ever seen on American soil shall tap dance its way into the history books with a final go-round that features three Friday the 13ths? Either way, it seems to be two or three too many - at least for this fellow.

I am Irish and I realize that us Gaels invest a bit more heavily in the magical powers of karma than others do. We bend over backwards, held by our ankles, to kiss a rock for luck. Stevie Wonder's hallmark tune is the Irish national anthem. We have long pursued little old men in green suits for considerably more than their "magically delicious" wares.

Like most of us, I wake up with enough on my plate on daily basis to challenge me. I should have been spared the psychic trauma of an unholy trinity of 13th Fridays. I most certainly would not have felt slighted if - years ago - calendar makers opted to do what builders do, which is omit #13 altogether. We could have eliminated the possibility of this day completely. Leave it to the Romans to figure out a way to add two months to the calendar and not figure out a plan for paring twelve days from it.

The good news is - it's almost over. Only 18 more hours to go.....

....I wonder how Ms. Jackson is going to spend her day.


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