Monday, November 23, 2009

Smells Like Wednesday

The cachet that Thanksgiving has lost as a holiday it has retained - in large degree - as a workplace favorite. Why? Because it is a shortener. This week most of the working world (except for those who earn their living in the retail industry) shall enjoy the bliss that is the 3-day work week. Thanksgiving's greatest benefit in the 21st Century? Its placement on the calendar as a Thursday. Regardless of the occasion, everyone enjoys a day that serves as the starting line for a 4-day weekend.

Those of us in the legal profession enjoy a good holiday as much as - if not more than - the rest of the working world. There are certain times of the year when for reasons having everything to do with the calendar and scant little to do with anything else the otherwise breakneck pace at which things must be done slows to a crawl. Today kicks off "the holidays". Sadly I missed the memo so I was know not when Turkey Day underwent a metamorphosis into a week-long event akin to Mardi Gras or Shark Week. Yet, as sure as the sun will rise in the east this morning, it is a certainty that both my office and law offices all throughout the land will have already shifted into holiday mode. It is the mode that shall necessitate the cancelling of appearances such as depositions and the requested adjournment of matters such as trials. It is not that we do not want these events to take place at some point. It is simply that we do not want them to take place "during the holidays".

At some point, the five weeks between Thanksgiving week and Christmas morphed into one indistinguishable mass of forced good cheer. By elevating otherwise nondescript days such as the 23rd of November and the 5th of December to "holiday" status, we have made them something they are not. Perhaps we have done so in an effort to make ourselves feel better? Perhaps we have done so principally so that we feel better about doing less than we would otherwise do on a November Monday or a Tuesday in December.

For years, the conversion of this week into a pseudo-work week drove me crazy. Not this year. I have learned to simply deal with those things over which I have no control. This is most certainly one such thing over which I have no control. So I have decided to concentrate my efforts on loftier pursuits.

Such as figuring out who the imbecile is who green lighted the release of some fake kung fu inanity known as Ninja Assassin on Thanksgiving Day. At least my office shall be closed on Thursday and Friday this week so I shall have two extra days to try and figure it out.


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