Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sherman's March to the Sea

Today is the penultimate day on the 2009 MLB calendar for tonight the Yankees and the Phillies shall contest the 6th game of the World Series at Yankee Stadium. If the home team wins, then their next group appearance will be awash in ticker tape in Lower Manhattan. It has been quite a while since a Yankee "road trip" has consisted of a jaunt up the Canyon of Heroes. If the Phillies win tonight, then while a ride on ticker tape rapids is not out of the question for the Bombers, it will have to be earned from a winner-take-all Game Seven.

To date, five games into this year's Fall Classic neither team's first baseman has yet arrived. Apparently, Ryan Howard and Mark Teixeira did not get the memo that while this year's Series shall end during November's first week it did indeed start during October's final one. To date, their teammates - led by the exploits of Messrs. Rivera, Jeter, Damon and Rodriguez and Messrs. Lee, Victorino, Werth and Utley respectively have put on one hell of a show through five games to overcome the MIA status of their first basemen.

This evening on what shall be a seasonably chilly evening for early November in the Bronx, Andrew J. Pettitte and Pedro Martinez shall do their level best to gain control of Sherman and Mr. Peabody's WABAC Machine in an effort to lead their side to victory. Everything old is new again this year it seems. Two aging adversaries shall face off against one another one more time. Nothing much to play for right? It is only the World Series after all.

And for two proud old pitchers, whose pitching smarts have replaced their arms as the singlemost important asset they shall bring with them to the ballpark tonight, it is perhaps a final night to stand 'neath the white hot spotlight on their sport's biggest stage. A final go-round in the pressure cooker where each has earned his spurs over a career's worth of season's biggest games. Each may indeed be penning the final chapter of what has been a brilliant career but for each accolades and historical perspective shall be put on hold for one more night. Life is lived in - and championships are won in - the present.

In the summer, the game may indeed belong to the boys. But once autumn arrives and the field is pared down and the stakes are raised, there are no boys allowed. It is men only. And tonight, each hopes that he is the best one and that he shall be the victor.

And I am hoping like hell that he is the one wearing the pinstriped suit. And that he is the one with one more boring story to tell. A story that no Yankee fan shall ever tire of hearing.


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