Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

D-Day has finally arrived here in the Garden State. At some time tonight, many many hours from now, the talking heads on our TV screens will inform us whether the Devil we know or the Devil we do not know or the Devil who not even the other devils know shall be strapped to the masthead of our little, overcrowded and bankrupt ship of fools to lead us. Based upon everything we have heard and read this election season, it is a small wonder to me that any of the three of them actually wants this job. Hell, some published reports paint such a dismal picture of the future here in Tony Soprano's stomping grounds that one wonders if the office shall be awarded to the one of the three who finishes with the fewest votes. A variation if you will on the old WC Fields line making fun of Philadelphia in which he said first prize in a beauty contest was one week in Philadelphia and second prize was two weeks. They say that to the victor goes the spoils but what if the spoils are spoiled already by the time the victor receives them? Is a prize still a prize if it is indeed rotten?

Methinks that the naysayers say nay a bit too much these days. It has become vogue to predict the end of days. Perhaps Michael Stipe and the boys were right all those years ago. Or perhaps things will do what they inevitably always seem to do, which is track upwards again for a while. It goes without saying that not all of us who got slammed from pillar to post this time around will have enough cuticle strength to hang on and survive the upturn. Whether it is the strong who survive or just the fortunate I know not. I leave that sort of big-picture sorting through the wreckage for those smarter than I am (feel free to fill out your application and leave it on the counter. Be warned however, it is a damned long line).

By tonight (barring the interjection into this affair of chads - hanging or otherwise) we the people of the State of Synthetic Gardens and Concrete Jungles will either have returned the incumbent to office or we will have elected his successor. Either way, the business of life shall go on for all of us, regardless of whether we adorn our signature with a (D), a (R) or an (I). And it shall go on for us regardless of whether 'our candidate' wins or not. Because here's the thing and with no apology extended to those on the lunatic fringe of either party (Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann you know who you are), whether the victor here in New Jersey was YOUR candidate today, he is OUR Governor tomorrow.

And he belongs to all of us, warts and all. Our frog prince. What else could he be, after all, raised here in the Swamps of Jersey?

Vote your conscience. Vote your paycheck. Vote your party affiliation. Vote for whoever you think will do the best job for you and for your family the next four years. I will do the same. And in the end, we shall see what we shall see, where we are and where we are going. And regardless of whether your guy or my guy (who may be "our" guy) or the other guy wins, we shall pick ourselves up and keep on keeping on. We are from Jersey after all. It is what we do. It is what we have always done.

Same as it ever was. How do you feel?


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