Monday, November 30, 2009

I See a Red Door....

Did you survive Black Friday? I did. Of course I did so b/c I did what I do every year - I opted out of the whole experience. I am always intrigued by the images of people crowding into shopping complexes pre-dawn in pursuit of discount merchandise. A society that bitches and moans about lines at security checkpoints at international airports queues up in line for several hours prior to Best Buy's opening in order to get a one day only deal on a Wii. Maybe if at the airport the security folks passed out free cups of coffee or bottles of water? Who knows. All I know is that we are a society comprised of component parts who will wait in line for hours regardless of the weather for discounted or free shit without complaint but who will whine for our mommies if we have to spend longer than 37 seconds attempting to confirm that no one is carrying any really bad stuff onto the jumbo jet with us.

Having not ventured out on Friday of the Black I do not know how out-of-control the various retail outlets were. But I do know that as of 6:30 on Saturday night (sorry, if the Saturday after Thanksgiving comes with a hipster nickname I missed the memo), there was hardly anyone shopping in either the Best Buy, PC Richards or Toys R' Us stores located in Bridgewater. Margaret and I waited behind exactly no one in line at the Best Buy for something she picked up for someone on her list. In fact when we wandered up to the cash registers in the front of the store, there were three cashiers standing around talking to one another who were otherwise not engaged with any customers.

We made a trek out on Sunday morning as well - to a couple of other stores. And again on Sunday morning there were no lines to speak of anywhere we went. It seems as if every year immediately after Thanksgiving weekend we are subjected to a report from the nation's retailers complaining about decreased sales and the twin terrors of doom and gloom on the horizon. And every year it seems kinda, sorta like a bunch of nonsense. This year, based upon my admittedly small sampling, it seems to be not quite as far-fetched.


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