Thursday, November 26, 2009

'Cause there is Nothing like Stuffing

Wow what a day! Only thirty days until Christmas. And hot damn - if you want to spend any portion of your Thanksgiving in the pursuit of jock straps and free weights, then you can matriculate yourself on over to The Sports Authority. Here in the State of Concrete Gardens, every Sports Authority store from Brick to West Long Branch (running thru them alphabetically and not geographically) is open today. If you do not get over there until after you have had your turkey dinner, then head right to the camping equipment so you can check out the sleeping bags and the cots before the tryptophan kicks in.

Far be it from me to criticize any one's decision to work on Thanksgiving. I will spend a part of my day as I spend a portion of every Thanksgiving - taking advantage of the peace and quiet of the closed office. But at least the decision to work a bit belongs to me. It is not a decision that has been foisted upon me by another. And for that I am thankful.

We are most certainly in the home stretch of Aught-Nine. It has been in many respects the most brutal of years. Certain things have been irrevocably altered and for the heartache those alterations have wrought onto our family I am most decidedly not thankful.

I am thankful that today, while geography prevents all of us from gathering together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Margaret and I shall be with Joe. This will be a difficult day for both of them - for all of us really. I am thankful that today they will be together - that whole strength in numbers thing. I am sure you have heard of it.

And I am thankful that a year that started for me professionally with me paying the price for an ill-advised decision wholly of my own deciding has reversed course 180 degrees. I had no reasonable expectation of spending this morning in what has been - for the better part of the past dozen years - one of my favorite places: sitting in my office looking out across Parsippany Road at whatever the hell the building directly across from ours is. Maybe by the time I have been sitting here, drinking an early morning cup of coffee and taking in the view, for another twelve years I will have learned the name of the business and exactly what it is they do.

The thing I am most thankful for is that the two young adults I kinda, sorta helped Margaret raise (OK, I drove the car and paid the bills) have turned out to be as terrific as they have by following a simple formula for success. They have simply been their mother's children. They clearly could have done far worse in their selection of a hero than their mother. And they clearly could not have done any better. I know that they are thankful every day for her. As am I for all of them.

A wish to you and yours for a peaceful, safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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