Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tramps Like Us

Last evening rolled so effortlessly into this morning that I am not sure I even noticed the transition. Methinks that I shall have a better grasp of the line of demarcation between the two at some point between 8:00 and 8:30 this morning as my feet join those of my wife, those of my daughter and those of countless thousands of other runners at the Race for the Cure. Margaret and I spent last evening and the one before that soaking in the sights and sounds of nights 2 and 3 of Springsteen's 5-night stand at Giants Stadium. I hope that "The Price You Pay" remains an under appreciated track from The River album and not my mantra.

This has been an extraordinary weekend. Two tremendous evenings of live Springsteen topped off with an early morning run on this - October's first Sunday. While I typically do not run in the company of thousands and I do not typically drive south for an hour before starting my morning jaunt, this morning's departure from routine is a most welcome and a most worthy one. Hell, it must be important to me if I am running after dawn.

For the past two evenings, the magic of the night carried us home. This morning, the magic of a memory - the memory of a woman loved by all and missed by all - shall do so. We may not all have been born to run but today our place in the sun awaits.

Off we go - for Suzy B.


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